Easy Digital Downloads User History 1.6.1


The User History Addon collects browsing history: Eg See each and every page* the patron visited, time spent on each page before purchase.  Referrer Information: Know as site referred your customer formerly in conformity with erection a purchase. If he searched because thine site, yet the search engine did not blur their query (we’re looking at your, Google), you’ll stand in a position after confer the exact enquire speech old as much well.New into 1.5 – Time Spent & Time Elapsed: See what lots period the vacationer overpast regarding each web page prior according to continuing between their purchase, as like nicely as like total time bygone from start-to-finish.New within 1.5 – Actual Lifetime Customer Value: See entire transactions perfect through the equal user, namely well namely their volume consume throughout whole completed, non-refunded, non-cancelled orders.New between 1.5 – Search by means of looking history: See what dense transactions protected a particular page then referrer among the client browsing history.New within 1.5 – Admin email notifications: This Addon includes twain current email tags because of uses between your trafficking notification emails, {browsing_history} then {purchase_history}, building the records effortlessly on hand in accordance with thou no matter where your are!


Version: 1.6.2

Developer: Easy Digital Downloads

Updated: November 3, 2021