WooCommerce Cart Notices 1.13.2


WooCommerce Cart Notices enables displays of dynamic, actionable messages to your customers as they check out and other locations.

  • Add messages anywhere on your site shortcodes are allowed (for example, display promotion notices at the top of a shop or category page)
  • Display dynamic notices. For example, you can set a minimum amount for free shipping, and the message dynamically displays the difference the customer needs to add to their total to qualify!
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities for discounts using the “Product in Cart” notice
  • Optionally add a call to action button/URL to encourage your customers to perform the desired action

Leverage proven tactics to increase conversions so that your earn more from customers your already have.


Version: 1.13.3

Developer: Woocommerce

Updated: February 9, 2022

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